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Dear Sirs and Madams !   

         For each person, each family,  each people Health is  a valuable   properity.  Health care of  people  depends on many factors such as family,society ,environment  and so on ...Serious disease ,illness of any person in a family is always affected with sorrow, losses ,hunger in all households.                                                                                                       

     After over 30 years of war with lots of misery and losses ,the life of our people gradually has been improved step by step through the heal of the war wound,national policies has been changed with the anti-poverty and many other social policies from the government.

   However, there's a part of our people, especially in the remote and rural areas,the previous resistand area are still very difficult.Indigence ,hunger,diseases need the help from community very much.

   SAPP-HCMC being established for contribution of implementing the object of social welfare as our government requires and as the national president HO CHI MINH's  teaching:"It should come from the deep love of people to contribute the protection health for people and do all the things that can do to reduce their miseries".

In the past 16 years, the humanitarians, patriotist of organnizations, individuals , units and donors have helped SAPP sharing difficulties, unfortunes of poor people ,poor patients in and out of the country.With continuous efforts, President Nguyen Vinh  Nghiep with the members of the Executive Board of SAPP have been focusing through the following charity programs:

    "For the children's smile": 36,844 children in 34 provinces and cites have got harelips and cleft palates surgeries.

     "Recover eye sight to poor blind people": 319,215 cataract poor patients in 63 provinces and cites have recovered their eye sight by eye operation for placing artificial crystalline lens.

     "Sound and voice to hearing impaired childdren": over 15,000 hearing aids have been provided for the children of hearing loss in the central, the north, and the South in Mekong Delta areas and Ho Chi Minh City.

     "Wheelchair for disabled people and paralyzed childdren": 33,761 wheelchairs ,tricycle wheelchairs have been provided for handicapped people in 60 provinces an cities.

     "Free meal for poor patients and their relatives ": 9,500,000 meals have been distributed free of charge to poor partient in the hospitals in HCMC .

     "Scholarship for disabled pupils and students": since the school year 2001 until now, 9,052 scholarship awards have been provided for poor , disabled pupils and students , especially the  ethinic pupils in highlands.

      "Purchasing Health insurance card for the poor ": 128,929 card of health care insurance have been delivered for the poor mostly in HCM City.

      "Heart operation for poor children": 1,900 poor children of heart congenital diseasin 35 cites and provinces  who have been  operated successfully and they are now returning to their normal life.

      "Health care  and checking women' s cancer":since the fourth quarter of 2009 ,SAPP has been implementing to examine 6,754 women and checking 5,203 cases of cancer disease and 9 cases need operations.

               The Executive Board of SAPP of the fourth office term (2009-2014) making their minds to carry out much better all of these charity programs ,especially  we pay much effort on the most important programs such as :"Saving poor children of health disease"."Health care  and checking Women's cancer and "Rocover eye sight for  blind  people and  children".

                Dear Sirs and Madams,

                In the past 16 years,hundred thousands of poor patients have been supported by your good heart with your great help .We are really happy working with you to share the diffculties, the misery of poor patients and poor people,What we- SAPP- have done for poor people thanks to your enthusiasm of supporting us. We sincerely extend our gratitude to your high humanity.Actually, there are still many extremely poor people who need your help. We really expect your  going together with us on the spirit " love people as love yourself" for SAPP -HCM is always the warm point for poor patients.

                Once again, thank you so much -for your humanitarians  poor patients and  our association as well

  Note: All of your monetary donation

     will be transfer to our bank account, please



At Vietcombank, 29 Ben Chuong Dương st.,District 1

                   HCM City-Vietnam                                               

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